What club?

“Tampereen akateemisesti sivistyneet Gambinan ystävät -association acts in Tampere to make Gambina more known. Association was founded in 2011 in a toilet at University of Tampere.”

-Translated from https://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gambina

You can contact us: hallitus ät gambina piste fi

Tampereen Akateemisesti Sivistyneet Gambinan Ystävät Meeting By-Laws

Every member and supporting member of Tampereen akateemisesti sivistyneiden Gambinan ystävät are able to hold association’s meetings, though non-board members’ meetings and agenda are a bit restricted. Only board’s and officers’ can decide on other things than accepting supporting members. If a board member doesn’t hold a meeting, agenda is as follows:


  1. Opening the meeting
  2. Meeting’s legality and quorum
  3. Announcements and mail
  4. Accepting new supporting members
  5. Any other business
  6. Closing the meeting
Few directives for meetings:
  • Meeting bottle must be drank during the meeting.
  • Meeting’s chairperson takes the first sip after opening the meeting and the last sip as the meeting ends.
  • It’s appropriate to give the second sip to meeting’s secretary.
  • No one can be forced to drink during the meeting, though taking at least one sip is appropriate.
  • Meeting must not be prolonged with nonsense, shortest meeting is under 3 minutes.

Membership applications